FREE Online English class
for Kids 4-10
✅ Joyful and interactive
✅ Real time with 3 other kids
✅ Professional tutors
Language Clubhouse is all about gaining confidence speaking and playful interaction!
Accredited Teachers
Our English as a second language for young learners' programme is accredited by Education Alliance Finland as High Pedagogical Quality program. We are passionate about our work and we have the right qualifications!
Convenient Schedule and Affordable Prices
Classes once or twice a week. Afternoon, evenings,
and weekends!

Prices are only 10 EUR per lesson!
Peers from Everywhere!
Kids learn English from home in an international environment! Max 4 kids in an online group. The program is designed in Finland, but it is taught to kids from all around the globe!
Your kid will not just learn new words, they will communicate in English!
A Team of Certified Teachers
Language Clubhouse teaching methods are versatile and based on Early Childhood Education principles and Finnish National curriculum.

Becky Luoma
Pia Santamarìa
Nicole Chapman
Rezvan Zonoubi

How we work
Interactive Online Classes
For beginners and more advanced - 45 min each
We evaluate your child's level and place them in the group according to their age and level.
Learning Reports
Monthly reports for parents and course certificates. Our reports are meaningful and comprehensive. We do not write reports just for the sake of it-we write about progress and child's development.
Holistic Approach
Kids learn how to communicate! They learn vocabulary/grammar, sing songs, play games in an playful, interactive, positive and safe environment!
Access to child's courses
Login to your child's courses on our platform. You gain access to course learning materials like, videos, flashcards, songs, interactive content and quizzes.
Fun, engaging and meaningful lessons
We work hard to make our little learners motivated to learn, participate and collaborate.

Aleksi is engaged in his online live class. He is learning and communicating with his friend's and teacher about animals. He wishes he could have a pet crocodile, as seen in his drawing.
“Content was appropriate and teacher was excellent! Aleksi enjoyed his course, thank you Language Clubhouse!
-Anna-Kaisa, Mom of 5 yr old son
We will be happy to see your child in our FREE trial class!
  • You will pay 0 EUR for the first class!
  • You will see the class in action!
  • You will get feedback on your child's current English level!
  • You will get a 10% discount code!


    22 responses
    Parents are happy with our work
    How satisfied are you and your child or children with the Language Clubhouse Summer club 2021?
    “After clubs my son asks what everything is in English, he is motivated to learn because of the clubs.”
    Mirja, Mom of a 5-year old boy
    A glance into our online classes

    "Where in the world, where in the world, does the lion live?" Aleksi is singing a song and playing the where in the world does the animal live game with teacher Becky and classmates.
    Online Schedule for Kids
    Fee per lesson: 10,00 €.
    1 lesson (45 min.)
    Choose from 1 or 2 lessons per week.
    You can choose the most convenient day and time for classes:
    How can I buy the club package?
    Please, sign up for a free trial class, after it we will send you a link for the entire club package payment. Prices are only 10 EUR per lesson.
    Isn't it too early for kids at the age of 4 to start learning English?

    The advantages of learning additional languages early before children reach puberty are that children learn to pronounce and speak more fluently and are not self-conscious about how they sound or if their grammar is perfect. Also language learning is always cultural learning, and with the current globalization trends, these skills are becoming in demand even more.

    Children who have the opportunity to pick up a second language while they are still young appear to use the same language-learning strategies throughout life when learning other languages.

    Should I pay in one installment for the entire club length?
    Yes. We don't accept payments per class.
    Do your teachers have the right qualifications?
    Yes, they are all certified teachers.
    What is the maximum number of kids in a group?
    The maximum number of kids in a group is 4.
    Where do you have offline clubs?
    Yes! We offer offline clubs across Finland. That's where the school was founded, so we use the best Finnish and international techniques to help you raise bilingual kids! Learn more
    Becky Luoma
    Founder, CEO & Teacher

    Together we are a learning community

    The children in the clubs get familiar with the other club members and the club leader and gain new relationships and friendships in a safe environment.

    Our clubs emphasize on enriching togetherness and increasing linguistic and cultural understanding, while supporting multilingualism and growing appreciation of different languages.

    We strive to create a positive group spirit and the atmosphere is a warm and inviting one for all. We also do close cooperation with the children’s families and invite the families to visit and participate in the club regularly when it is suitable for them.

    The offer is limited - valid till MAY 7! Learn more about us and take advantage of your kid's best moment to learn English!
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