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Webinar Speaker and head of programs
Language Clubhouse founder Becky Luoma will share with you more about our versatile programs that are based on Early Childhood Education principles and Finnish National curriculum!

Becky Luoma

Finland/USA - knows all the best ways to spark learners motivation!

Becky has 8 years of experience teaching young children English in Finland at kindergarten, preschool and in clubs. She has lots of practical skills in how to teach young learners English. She has experience leading teams and training educators in the field.

Becky has a passion for motivating children to learn languages and cultures and helping them find their strengths in learning English. She also has 4 children of her own and is busy with sports and music hobbies.

Becky knows the methods and practices to create the right joyful learning environment!

Rezvan Zonoubi

Finland/Iran - a philosopher, an expert in the field!

Rezvan has 15 years of experience teaching English to children and adults in Iran and Finland. Rezvan is a program manager, teacher and researcher for Language Clubhouse.

She has a Ph.D. in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) as well as CELTA and DELTA certificates. Rezvan loves to teach English, has a passion to work with children and does a lot of research! Rezvan also speaks Finnish and Persian.

Revzan knows the science and pedagogy behind kids becoming multilingual!

Nicole Chapman

Finland/England - English teacher, studying in MA in Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication in Finland

Nicole is an English teacher from England who has lived all over the world working and teaching languages, and spent many years in China. Nicole has 8 years experience working in educational environments all over the globe. Nicole is studying an MA in Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication in Finland. Recently she has spent 2 years teaching English online to children around the world. She uses different methods and themes to keep the classes engaging and interesting.

Nicole has the knowledge and experience of working in international environments.

Becky Luoma
Language Clubhouse Founder, CEO & Teacher
"Together we are a learning community"

Our clubs emphasize on enriching togetherness and increasing linguistic and cultural understanding, while supporting multilingualism and growing appreciation of different languages.
Our aim is to create positive images of different languages and cultures and to introduce this through learning the English language.
While your kid is learning another language at a very early age, they are also developing future skills; in this complex world we live in learning a second language early can help them when learning more languages in the future. They will gain soft skills like cultural understanding and communication.
In the webinar video your will learn about...
our programes!

how to participate in the friendship program!

how to sign up for a free 1 month trial to test our online courses for schools!

If you want to teach a kid something without stress, you've got to play with them! Especially when starting language studies, the principles of joyful learning are important because positive experiences and good memories will encourage them to continue studying later in life.

All participants will get a chance to sign up for a FREE 1 month trial to test our online courses for schools!
Is it one of those webinars where you will try to sell me something?
The webinar is 100% informative! We will give you information about Language Clubhouse and our courses, but the main goal is to discuss about our Friendship School program! The Speaker will be answering everyone's questions and sharing their best practices. Note: it does cost to participate in the Frienship School program.
Is the event in English?
We have a webinar in English (4pm, Finland time) and in Finnish (3pm, Finland time).
Where will the webinar take place?
On ZOOM! Once you register, you will receive an invite to your e-mail address.
The offer is limited! Only 100 spots available!
Louhelantie 5
60420 Seinäjoki