A Joyful Early English Program
Weekly online English lessons for preschoolers
Our Advantages
  • Qualified and Trustworthy Teachers
    Skilled and certified native English teachers. We are certified from the Education Alliance Finland for high quality pedagogical certification.
  • Engaging Curriculum
    Our interactive and holistic approach keeps young minds engaged and interested in learning. We use elements of gamification, rewards, and track the learning progress.
  • Social Learning Environment
    An interactive online live class is setup where students can learn collectively and communicate with both teachers and other students from different countries. We foster language skills and friendship skills.
"The topics were nice, the vocabulary suitable for children and the words/sentences are well remembered by the children when they are repeated. It's also nice that the same opening and closing song is repeated in a clear structure from an adult's point of view."
- Miira Samatti, Preschool Manager and teacher, Finland
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The Language Clubhouse Method and Program-Thematic curriculum and learning units
The Language Clubhouse English as a second language program complements any early years curriculum and works with any ability level. The program's thematic curriculum is a learning method that integrates attitudes, skills, knowledge, learning value, and creative thinking using themes in the learning process. By implementing this type of curriculum in our English as a second language program, it is effective in bridging the gap between the English classes and daily-life learning experiences.
Online English Program Schedule
One English language group lesson per week
Lessons are on Thursdays
Helsinki time zone- EEST time zone GMT+2
Our Online English Program Prices
FREE 14 Day Trial
  • Access to online program-courses and learning materials
  • includes 2 free trial online live lessons
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Basic Yearly Subscription
Only the online program and teaching materials
  • Access to the online courses with the teaching materials for your class
  • You teach English to your class with the help of our online program
590 € / 12 months
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3 Month Premium Subscription
  • Access to online courses with teaching materials
  • 1 private online lesson each week with a Language Clubhouse teacher
  • Live Q&A session for teachers monthly
  • Chat support/Reply within 24 hrs
750 € / 3 months
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Yearly Premium Subscription
  • Access to online courses with teaching materials
  • 1 private online lesson each week with a Language Clubhouse teacher
  • Live Q&A session for teachers monthly
  • 2 Professional Development teacher training sessions
  • Chat support/Reply within 24 hrs
2 500 € / 12 months
"The high-quality program and guided lessons give excellent support to early childhood education professionals, bringing consistent and regular familiarization of the English language to the activities of the kindergarten."
- Visa Hietaranta, Managing Director of Päiväkoti TRIO
Our program provides online learning opportunities in an easy way for a group of children to use. The method of operation offers the child an experiential form of learning, which opens children's perception also in the subject area of technology education.
  • Live Online Classes
    • Login to our platform, open the course lesson and click to join live.
    • Online classes take place on the zoom webinar platform
    • Classes are not recorded and you choose to open your camera and microphone if you want to
    • Basic Monthly
      • Weekly online interactive English class - 25 min each
  • Learning between online classes
    Login to the platform and get access the courses and lessons.
    You get digital educational activities to do with your students between classes like, videos, flashcards, songs, interactive content and quizzes. You get weekly instructions and links needed from your Language Clubhouse teacher.
  • Holistic Approach
    Studies show the support of play is the most important way when increasing participation and learning. Also the younger you start learning new languages the more positive outcomes in future learning.
    Children will learn vocabulary/grammar, sing songs, play games in an playful, interactive, positive and safe environment!
Experienced and Certified Teachers
Language Clubhouse teaching methods are versatile and based on Early Childhood Education principles and Finnish National curriculum.
  • Becky Luoma
    Finland/USA - Early Childhood Educator, PHN, RN

    Becky has 8 years of experience teaching young children English in Finland at kindergarten, preschool and in after-school clubs. She has lots of practical skills in how to teach young learners English. She has experience leading teams and training educators in the field of early childhood education.
    Becky has a passion for motivating children to learn languages and cultures and helping them find their strengths in learning English. She also has 4 bilingual children of her own and is busy with sports and music hobbies.

    Becky knows the methods and practices to create the right joyful learning environment!
  • Nicole Chapman
    UK - English teacher, studying in MA in Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication in Finland

    Nicole is an English teacher from England who has lived all over the world working and teaching languages, and spent many years in China. Nicole has 8 years experience working in educational environments all over the globe. Nicole is studying an MA in Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication at Joensuu University in Finland. Recently she has spent 3 years teaching English online to children around the world. She uses different methods and themes to keep the classes engaging and interesting.

    Nicole has the teaching skills and experience of working in international environments.

Our service helps early childhood educators and early childhood education units who do not have time to plan English lessons and teaching units themselves.
We offer detailed lesson plans, ready-made digital teaching materials and online lessons with our teachers
Our program has been developed and tested in Finnish early childhood preschools and is certified for high pedagogical quality.

We help you teach, give you ideas and weekly English language lesson plans with digital materials!

Students can play interactive lesson games on our platform
We will be happy to see your school in our live lessons!
  • You will pay 0 EUR for the first 2 classes, with our 14 day free trial!
  • You will see the class in action!
    Becky Luoma
    Founder, CEO & Teacher
    Together we are a learning community

    The children in the clubs get familiar with the other club members and the club leader and gain new relationships and friendships in a safe environment.

    Our clubs emphasize on enriching togetherness and increasing linguistic and cultural understanding, while supporting multilingualism and growing appreciation of different languages.

    We strive to create a positive group spirit and the atmosphere is a warm and inviting one for all. We work closely with partners in early childhood education and the educational technology fields to create the best learning experiences for your child.
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    60420 Seinäjoki