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"Our son enjoys a lot and we are happy with his engagement. We are also happy with the online arrangement since it suits to our schedule a lot and creates comfortable environment. Thank you Language Clubhouse!"
- Imama Alishova

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How we work

"Aleksi is engaged in his online live class. He is learning and communicating with his friends and teacher about animals. He wishes he could have a pet crocodile, as seen in his drawing."

-Anna-Kaisa, Mom of son (5yrs)
Online English Program Schedule
Lesson Schedule
Choose 1 of the 2 options:
1.The weekday classes, lessons twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 25 minutes per class.
2. The weekend class lesson on Saturdays for 40 minutes.

Class Times

Tuesdays and Thursday classes:
Beginners group at 17:30-17:55
Intermediate group 18:00-18:25

Saturday class:
Beginners group:10:00-10:40
Intermediate group: 11:00-11:40

Group Levels
Beginners: no skills in English: A0 level (ages 3-8 y.o.)
Intermediate: A1 level (ages 5-8 y.o.)

*Online lessons take place according to Finland Time Zone (UTC+3)
* More days and times will be available to choose from in the near future
Our English Program Prices
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Households monthly subscription-
Premium (1x week)
  • Access to course materials on platform
  • 1 online live lesson a week (40 min)
  • Chat support/Reply within 24 hrs
49 € / monthly
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Households monthly subscription-
Premium (2x week)
  • Access to course materials on platform
  • 2 online live lessons a week (25 min)
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49 € / monthly
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The best time for a child to learn a second language is under the age of 6. Research shows that supporting playful learning is the most important way to increase participation and learning. We help you give your child a playful head start in learning English and support continuous language development.

The lessons are aimed at children aged 4-8. There are lessons twice a week for 25 min. each time. Learning happens together with parents or the child can participate alone.
In addition, families are offered learning materials for their own use on our app.

Experienced and Certified Teachers
Language Clubhouse teaching methods are versatile and based on Early Childhood Education principles and Finnish National curriculum.
  • Becky Luoma
    Head of Program
    Finland/USA - Early Childhood Educator, Public Health Nurse

    Becky has an impressive background in teaching young children English in Finland, spanning a decade of experience in various settings such as kindergarten, preschool, after-school programs and starting up two English language kindergartens in Finland. With her practical skills, she offers a unique perspective on how to teach young learners effectively. Furthermore, she has led teams and trained other educators in the field of early childhood education.

    Becky's passion for teaching is evident in her ability to motivate children to learn new languages and cultures, as well as help them identify their strengths in learning English.

    With her wealth of experience, Becky knows how to create an optimal learning environment that fosters joy and enthusiasm for language acquisition.

  • Nicole Chapman
    Head Teacher
    Finland/UK-English teacher, MA in Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication

    Nicole Chapman is an experienced English teacher from England who has travelled the world, teaching languages and immersing herself in new cultures.

    Currently, Nicole is pursuing an MA in Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication at Joensuu University in Finland. She has also spent the last four years teaching English online to children from all over the world, using innovative methods and themes to keep classes engaging and interesting.

    Nicole's expertise in teaching, combined with her international background, make her a valuable asset to any team.

We will be happy to see your child in our classes!
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    A glance into our online classes

    How do I know which group to join?
    If your child is a beginner with little or no experience with the English language choose the Beginners group. Level 1. Beginners group classes are at 17:30-17:55.

    If your child is from a bilingual family with English as one of the working languages then your child can join the Level 2. Intermediate/Bilinguals group at 18:00-18:25.

    It is also possible to start in the beginners group and then if it is too simple your child can change the group and join the Level 2. group.
    Can my child join by themselves?
    Yes, your child can participate in the online English class by themselves, however they may need help and technical support at first.
    With practice your child can learn the skills needed to participate by themselves.

    In many cases, parents do like to join the class with their kids to experience the joy of their child learning and they can continue using the vocabulary used in the course at home.
    Becky Luoma
    Founder, CEO & Teacher
    Together we are a learning community

    The children in the clubs get familiar with the other club members and the club leader and gain new relationships and friendships in a safe environment.

    Our clubs emphasize on enriching togetherness and increasing linguistic and cultural understanding, while supporting multilingualism and growing appreciation of different languages.

    We strive to create a positive group spirit and the atmosphere is a warm and inviting one for all. We work closely with partners in early childhood education and the educational technology fields to create the best learning experiences for your child.
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